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19-inch industrial tablet computer helps smart factory MES system

发布时间:2019-08-16 10:18:19

Along with China Industrial 4.0 and China's smart manufacturing horn of 2025, it is urgent to require major production companies to carry out manufacturing upgrades, build smart factories, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality and service. To realize intelligent manufacturing, it is necessary to completely solve the problem of transparency in the production process with low added value, so that enterprises can be vertically connected in series, data uploading and seamlessly running through, and scientific analysis and decision-making based on data collection can be realized to achieve intelligent management. and automation.

system requirement:

For manufacturing companies, to achieve intelligent manufacturing, it is necessary to make the production process with low added value transparent, so that enterprises can be connected vertically and horizontally, data is uploaded to the cloud application, and the production process of the entire workshop is visualized and Informatized.

Workshop informatied and visualized, mainly to solve two types of problems: one is to solve the on-site production schedule of dispatch, report, data upload, and the other is to solve on-site production schedule monitoring problems and visualization.

In face of the problems that need to be solved currently in smart factory, Guangzhou Special Control recommends a suitable solution according to the factory site environment.

First, in the face of high temperature (the temperature of the workshop in summer reaches 50 degrees), dust and oil pollution environment, it is necessary to connect each station data with the MES system in real time.


Using Guangzhou special control industrial tablet PC PPC-H1941CT, loading MES software, you can realize quick browsing of the day production and dispatching work on the station. According to the progress of production, the report will be completed in real time and the information will be uploaded synchronously. The workers only need to produce according to the dispatch of the smart equipment, and then report.

Second, the on-site production schedule monitoring visualization.


The industrial computer MEC-H1962 is used to load and run the MES system, and the large-screen can be connected through the display interface to display the production progress, target achievement status, product quality status, and production of people, machines and materials in real time through the system report. The utilization status makes the entire production site completely transparent and visual.

Product advantages:

Guangzhou Special Control has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001. The products have obtained electrical and communication related certifications such as ROHS, CE and CCC, providing a reliable pass for users' wide application and operation.

Customer benefits:

In the production site of the customer's production workshop, the terminal equipment of Guangzhou special control is on the station, which is very convenient for operation for workers, seamlessly docked with the company's MES system, and can display the production progress on the electronic board, Greatly increased productivity.