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Application of Special Control Industrial Computer YH-610 in Machine Vision Inspection

发布时间:2019-08-16 08:54:47

Background of the project

A typical machine vision application system includes image capture, light source system, image digitization module, digital image processing module, intelligent judgment decision module and mechanical control execution module.


The most basic feature of machine vision systems is to increased the flexibility and automation of production. In some dangerous working environments that are not suitable for manual work or where artificial vision is difficult to meet the requirements, machine vision is often used to instead of artificial vision. At the same time, in the mass production,the quality of products inspected by manual vision is low and the precision is not high. Machine vision inspection methods can greatly increase production efficiency and automation of production. Moreover, machine vision is easier to realize information integration, and it is the basic technology to realize computer integrated manufacturing.

Customer needs & solutions

In the production of various types of bottles, the highly repetitive and intelligent work like bottle quality inspection can only be done by manual inspection. We can see many inspection workers behind the modern assembly line to carry out this process. While adding huge labor and management costs to the enterprise, it still cannot guarantee the 100% inspection pass rate ( “zero defect”). The detection of bottle quality is repetitive work, error-prone and inefficient.

The automated transformation of the assembly line made the bottle production line into a fast, real-time, accurate and efficient assembly line. the assembly line use automatic identification technology to do the tasks what previously do by workers . In the inspection of large quantities of bottles, manual inspection is inefficient and inaccurate, but machine vision inspection methods can greatly improve the efficiency and automation of production.

Feature extraction identification

General bottle detection (automatic identification) first uses a high-definition, high-speed camera lens to capture standard images, Set certain standards on this basis; then the detected image is taken, and then compare the two. But it is more complicated in the bottle quality inspection project.

1. The content of the image is not a single image, the shape, impurity, size, color, and position of each bottle maybe not the same.
2. The fineness shape of the bottle is difficult to determine.
3. The quick move of the bottle may reflect the light, so there may be a lot of noise in the image.
4. On the assembly line, for bottle testing has real-time requirements.
For the above reasons, the image recognition processing should adopt a corresponding algorithm to extract the characteristics of the bottle, doing pattern recognition, and realize intelligent analysis.

Program overview

The special control industrial computer YH-610 acts as the core of brain and the commander in the visual inspection. It analyzes the data collected by the industrial computer YH-610, produces conclusions, issues instructions, results statistics and storage. YH-610 is suit for various ATX industrial motherboards, supporting all generations of Core I3/I5/I7 CPUs , Celeron G series and Pentium G series. More than 4G RAM, more than 500G ROM support solid state drive. Peripheral it have USB, LAN, serial port, VGA , PCI, PCIEx1, x4, x16 rich interfaces. Easily connection to external devices for more powerful features.

Special Control' products are widely used in machine vision, weather display, outdoor multimedia, factory automation testing and other fields. and It has passed the ISO9001,ISO14001, CCC, ROHS and CE certifications, providing a reliable pass for users' wide application and operation. Guangzhou Special Control Electronic Co., Ltd. has a strong R & D team, experienced industry experience, high-end equipment quality.

In the future, we will continue to follow the development direction of the industry, adhering to the consistent spirit of innovation, bringing more new products and technologies to our customers and working together for a win-win situation!