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Machine vision industrial computer helps the development of Industry 4.0

time:2021-09-03 14:44:46

Machine vision is the eyes of the 5G industry, and it is the key to achieving industrial intelligence and digitization. It has strong machine characteristics, such as extremely high speed, accuracy, repeatability, etc., far exceeding human eye recognition; at the same time, industrial machine vision has the ability to collect a large amount of field data, and it is the most important data entry for future industrial production. . According to data from Markets and Markets, a foreign research organization, from 2010 to 2020, the scale of the global machine vision market is showing a rising trend. In 2020, the global machine vision market will reach 10.7 billion U.S. dollars, with a compound growth rate of 14.48% in the past five years.

Machine vision is a comprehensive technology, including image processing, mechanical engineering technology, control, electric light source lighting, optical imaging, sensors, analog and digital video technology, computer software and hardware technology (image enhancement and analysis algorithms, image cards, I/O Card etc.). Therefore, the performance of the machine vision controller (industrial computer) affects the processing speed and running time of the entire machine vision system, which is the key to the entire vision system.

According to the needs of the machine vision industry, Special Control launched the machine vision industrial computer BOX-T8162. This product uses Intel H81/H110/H310 chipsets and is equipped with Intel® LGA1150/1151 pins 4/6/7/8/ The 9th generation full series of processors, high performance, meet the needs of high-speed connection; powerful I/O, can quickly move data from the device to the network video recorder, local server, cloud or any other target that needs to meet data collection and interconnection, Obtain the demand for innovative capabilities such as intelligent prediction and intelligent optimization; it has the characteristics of long-term trouble-free and stable operation in harsh industrial environments, and can well meet various harsh environments such as dust, humidity, high/low temperature, corrosion, and vibration Demand for hardware.

With the advent of the industrial 4.0 and "Made in China 2025" era, machine vision will make robots intelligent become a reality. Machine vision technology has already occupied a very important position in industrial automation, and the continuous innovation of machine vision technology will also It has promoted the progress of industries such as industrial automation, smart security and artificial intelligence, and has also brought more development potential and opportunities for applications in various industries.