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Application of Embedded Industrial Computer in Digital Operating Room

time:2021-09-03 13:04:49

Business Background

The operating room is an important place for medical institutions to diagnose, treat and rescue patients. The effectiveness of operating room management determines the ideal degree of surgical curative effect to a certain extent. With the development of medicine and engineering, a new kind of The operating room is called a digital operating room. Its technical core is information technology. The digital operating room uses a medical image storage and transmission system to send medical images obtained by various medical imaging equipment to the surgical site for guidance Operation process. Or install special surgical imaging equipment in the operating room to obtain real-time dynamic images of the operation to guide the operation

System Requirement

Digital operating room functions:

1. Get patient information quickly
The system can be connected with hospital HIS/PACS/lIS to realize patient information query.

2. Live on-demand recording
The system receives signals from various channels of the operation, decodes the output image through the equipment, and achieves full HD live broadcast. Doctors and nurses can record and take pictures of important information for later reference.

3. Free video switching
Medical staff can switch locally according to their needs, which is convenient for doctors to watch, improves the efficiency and safety of the operation, and can also set the usual operating habits as a preset. No need to repeat operations.

4. Voice call
The system has a remote voice intercom function, and the called party can be a fixed phone or a mobile phone, and it can also call and show the classroom.

5. Background music
According to the needs of medical staff or reduce the tension of patients, background music can be played appropriately.

6. Gas detection
When an abnormality is detected in the gas in the operating room, the system will give an alarm.

7. Lighting control
Medical staff can control the lighting in the operating room through a tablet touch.

8. System storage
The system implements a local backup when it is transferred to the hospital database, multiple backups, no matter what happens, the recorded surgical video will not be lost.

9. AI diagnosis
The system provides auxiliary diagnosis functions, which can quickly assist the diagnosis of esophageal cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, etc., so as to quickly and accurately help doctors diagnose the condition in emergency situations during the operation.

10. Remote consultation system
The digital operating room system can interface with the remote consultation system. In the remote consultation process, as a conference resource, the video of the digital operating room can be transferred to the remote consultation meeting at any time, and the remote experts can see the patients in the digital operating room in real time.

Product Applications

The composition of the digital operating room involves multiple aspects such as medical equipment, networks, communications, and infrastructure, which can only be completed through unified coordination. In the embedded integrated workstation, the specially controlled embedded industrial computer MEC-T1764 is used as an intelligent terminal controller to realize the centralized control of all equipment in the operating room environment, video, audio, medical, etc.; for HIS, LIS, PACS, etc. The docking of medical systems, as well as the management and integrated application of data and information such as DSA, endoscopy, ultrasound, and intraoperative images.

Product Features

Embedded Industrial Computer MEC-T1764

Stable and reliable: Pure industrial design, excellent heat dissipation structure integrated with strong heat-relieving heat pipe and pure copper, fully sealed aluminum alloy box, large area aluminum fins for heat dissipation, can realize natural convection heat dissipation in a variety of horizontal and vertical placements, chassis Anti-contact 6KV strong electromagnetic interference, DC12V-24V wide voltage input

High performance: Support 65W and below 6/7/8/9th generation 1151 Intel Core i7/i5/i3 series processors. Rich interfaces: 4*Intel LAN (optional 2*LAN+2*POE LAN), POE supports IEE 802.3 AT specification, 6*COM(2*RS232/422/485,4*RS232), 6*USB(4*USB3.0,2*USB2.0), 32*GPIO(16*GPI,16*GPO), 1*Remote switch, 1*One-key restore, 1*One-key backup, 1*VGA+1*HDMI, support dual-screen synchronous and asynchronous display, support 1*M.2, 1*2.5 inch hard disk, 2*MINI PCIE (Support WiFi), 1*SIM slot, 1*M.2 (support 4G/5G), 6*antenna hole, 1*PCIEx16+1*PCI or 2*PCI (choose one of the two)