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Industrial computer empowers digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises

time:2021-09-02 15:04:17

In today's age, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is in the ascendant. The new generation of information technology represented by the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. it is developing rapidly, and it is accelerating its extensive penetration in various fields, constantly spawning new industries, new models and new Business formats, the digital economy is showing a momentum of vigorous development, demonstrating huge development potential, and is becoming an important driving force for driving the development and growth of emerging industries, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and achieving inclusive growth and sustainable development. Intelligent manufacturing needs to realize the full digitalization of the factory, in order to exchange data and monitor the process in a comprehensive and timely manner, in order to achieve the best efficiency and maximize the production capacity. Industrial PCs have become one of the main driving forces leading the full digitalization of smart factories.

With the development of technology, all kinds of digital equipment have been widely adopted in the equipment at the bottom of the enterprise. From sensors, meters to transmission tools, they all have digital attributes. Digital equipment can accumulate various data while completing their own work, so that people can grasp the status information of on-site production equipment. But this information can only create real value when it is transmitted and used. Therefore, the realization of industrial digitization must have two processes, one is the equipment for collecting data, and the other is the equipment for transmitting data. Data collection equipment mainly includes data collectors, etc. The mainstream equipment for transmitting data is now an industrial computer, which is responsible for processing and transmitting data.

Take machine vision technology as an example. In a basic industrial machine vision system, the image processing software and hardware unit is the core information processing part. As the image processing unit, the industrial computer is the core computing power of the vision system. It is deployed on the side close to the camera to complete the processing of image data and most of the control logic. Combined with machine vision software, it is used to complete the processing of the input image data. The result is obtained through image recognition. The output result may be PASS/FAIL signal, coordinate position, character string, etc. Machine vision has long been used in industrial automation systems to improve production quality and output by replacing traditional manual inspections. From pick and place, object tracking to metering, defect detection and other applications, the use of visual data can improve the performance of the entire system by providing simple pass failure information or closed-loop control loops.

Guangzhou Special Control (Yanheng) has a deep technical accumulation in the industry computer field, with an elite R&D team and sophisticated production equipment, and provides many customers in the machine vision field with highly integrated, highly reliable, and high-performance industry-specific computer hardware solutions. plan. The machine vision solution based on the processing system architecture of the industrial computer can be widely applied to various industrial vision application scenarios, which will strongly promote the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.