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New product listing | 17.3 inch capacitive touch screen IP network broadcast server

time:2020-01-10 17:20:05


IPC-HW1762CT is a high-performance 17.3-inch capacitive touch screen IP network broadcast server (also known as IP network broadcast host), which uses a high-strength aluminum alloy box structure that can resist 6KV strong electromagnetic interference; 

standard 19-inch rack-mounted Installation, 8U height, 303mm depth; with high reliability industrial motherboard, using Intel B75 / H81 / H110 chipset, support for Intel Core all series processors, memory support DDR3 1333/1600 MHz (B75 / H81) or DDR4 2133 / 1866 MHz (H110) memory;

integrated Intel® HD Graphics graphics chip to provide users with superb film and television and 3D performance;


two sets of dual ball-bearing fans inside the case constitute a good heat dissipation system, and the air inlet has a dustproof and moisture-proof filtering function Long-term operation can still keep the inside of the case clean. This IP network broadcast server is widely used in schools, institutions, enterprises, factories, public places and highways.

IPC-HW1762CT supports 1 PCI-E * 16/1 PCI-E * 4/2 PCI (B75 chipset) or 1 PCI-E * 16/1 PCI-E * 4/1 PCI-E * 1/4 PCI (H81 / H110 chipset) expansion slot, which is convenient for users to expand multiple function cards; 

provides a large number of I / O ports to meet users' more application needs, and is equipped with two 10 ~ 100 ~ 1000MB RJ45 Ethernet port, 5 RS232 serial ports, 1 RS232 / 485 serial port, 4 USB3.0, 2 USB2.0 ports, 1 PS / 2 keyboard and mouse port, audio interface, VGA and DVI display interface; data Storage supports mSATA and SSD.

IPC-HW1762CT uses high-quality industrial-grade LCD display with high brightness, low power consumption, and long life. The touch screen uses ten-point capacitive touch, which has the characteristics of fast response, high accuracy, dustproof and waterproof; and also uses pull Mobile keyboard with keyboard and mouse functions for easy operation.

IPC-HW1762CT is compatible with mainstream operating systems such as Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows Server 2012 R2 / Ubuntu and Linux.

The main application system functions of IPC-HW1762CT :

♦ Group control: Any group of all network terminals can be broadcasted, which greatly enhances the flexibility of terminal management.

♦ Real-time tasks: real-time playback and real-time acquisition and playback; real-time acquisition and playback of the contents of the computer media library and external audio sources anytime and anywhere.

♦ Timed ringing: respond to ringing needs at specific times and places, and you can customize multiple ringing schemes.

♦ Timing acquisition and playback: Collect a specific peripheral audio source to play in a specified area within a specific time, and the system provides a peripheral control interface.

♦ On-demand function: It can realize the on-demand of remote media library files, and play, pause, fast forward, rewind, previous song, next song and so on.

♦ Intercom function: Two-way intercom can be implemented between broadcast terminals, full-duplex working mode.

♦ Fire linkage: The system can be seamlessly connected with the fire alarm system to realize broadcast fire alarm.

♦ Recording and recording: Real-time recording of broadcast content can be realized and saved as audio data.