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Industrial computer always occur error. Do you know how to solve it?

time:2019-12-20 07:09:40

If your IPC always strikes , you can check the power, cooling or hard disk . Here, let us introduce common daily maintenance and management and troubleshooting methods.

1. What if the industrial computer does not respond after pressing the power button to start the machine? Check whether the industrial computer is properly connected and whether the power socket is energized. Check the power of the IPC. After starting, whether the power supply fan can work and  the monitor is properly connected . If the power supply is normal, open the case cover and check whether the power cord is connected to the industrial computer backplane or motherboard, whether the connector between the backplane and the motherboard is loose, whether the boot backplane or the motherboard is powered, and whether the ATX power supply is incorrectly wired. If the connection is OK, unplug the memory module and turn on the machine to see if it alarms. If there is no alarm, replace the CPU or motherboard.

2. After the power is turned on, the power indicator on the back panel turned off . The application cannot work. what should I do? Check whether the chassis has screws and other foreign objects, which may cause a short circuit; check whether the power cord is connected in the opposite direction, causing a short to ground. Use the replacement method to replace the power supply, motherboard, backplane and other equipment for further testing.

3. After powering on, the power supply works normally, and the motherboard does not respond. what should I do? Remove the peripheral card and attached devices to see if it can boot. If not, removed the memory to see if there is an alarm? Check the CPU, is it normal? Replace the motherboard and check if the motherboard is normal.

4. What should I do if I hear the motherboard self-test sound after startup, but nothing appears on the display? Check if the monitor is turned on and connected to the host normally; also, change the monitor or insert the graphics card to see if it can be displayed normally. Clear complementary metal oxide semiconductor or replace basic input / output system; replace CPU board or display.

5. After startup, the mouse and keyboard not work. What should I do? See if the keyboard is locked and unlocked. If not, check the connection between the motherboard and the backplane and the correct connection between the keyboard and mouse; check whether the keyboard and mouse are half and half adapters connected, and if so, use the keyboard and mouse in reverse connection; replace 1 / 2 connector; replace mouse and keyboard.

6. After booting, the motherboard self-test is successful, but the system cannot be booted from the hard disk. what should I do? Press the "Del" key to enter the parameter setting and boot sequence of the complementary metal oxide semiconductor hard disk. After booting from the optical disk or floppy drive, check whether the hard disk has a normal boot system or hard disk partition, and the boot partition is activated. Replace the new hard disk and reinstall the system.

7. What should I do if I cannot fully enter the system with the system crashes or a blue screen ? Check system resources for conflicts; BIOS settings are incorrect; replace memory modules; repartition and format the hard disk installed operating system.

8. What should I do if the system freezes or has a blue screen during the operation of the windows system? Check whether the temperature of the industrial computer is too high; check whether there are incorrect or outdated drivers. Check the system for viruses; whether the CPU fan and power supply fan are still spinning normally. Whether system files or applications and disks are damaged; check for memory problems or incompatible memory.

9.Can't install the device driver correctly, what should I do? Check whether the driver is correct and up-to-date; whether the driver needs operating system patches; whether the resources occupied by other devices conflict with the resources occupied by the device that needs to be driven; if it is a peripheral device, replace it with another slot, and then restart Install the drive. Replace the device and reinstall the driver.

Do you got it?