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Special Control Industrial Computer use in Intelligent Rubbish Sorting and Recycling System

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Waste classification can realize the harmlessness and recycling of garbage. It have great significance for sustainable development.

Special control embedded industrial computer MEC-T6562 is the core control host of intelligent waste sorting equipment, helping customers realize intelligent waste sorting and recycling

Industry overview and needs

We only have one earth, and the earth's resources are limited. The earth's resources can be continuously recycled, so that human beings can achieve unlimited development. There is no doubt that the waste classification of renewable resources is a vital part of this recycling chain. Waste classification can realize the harmlessness and recycling of garbage, and it have great significance for sustainable development.

With the development of science and technology, the widespread application of artificial intelligence technology and machine deep learning, AI intelligent waste classification equipment appears in people's vision. People can download the corresponding smart waste classification APP through their mobile phones, and then use their mobile phones to scan the smart device or directly choose the type of garbage on the device display. In the background, the machine vision algorithm intelligently recognizes and confirms the intelligent collection of garbage. Then the corresponding amount is returned to the mobile APP, and users can implement self-service operations such as deposit and withdrawal

The AI intelligent waste classification performs data storage analysis and supervision on the equipment at each point through the big data platform. When the equipment's garbage is full, timely issue instructions to allow full-time recyclers to sort and collect the collected garbage for classification, transportation, recycling, and reprocessing. The entire process constitutes a set of intelligent waste processing ecological recycling system ecological chain.

System requirements and solutions

Based on customer demand for intelligent waste sorting solutions, Special Controls recommends the embedded industrial computer MEC-T6562 as the core control host of intelligent waste sorting equipment to help customers achieve intelligent waste sorting and recycling.

1. After the user scans and logs on the panel PC, the user selects the type of delivery garbage. The panel PC communicates with the control panel to control the motor to open the hatch;

2. The user puts the plastic bottle, the plastic bottle is detected at the first photoelectric switch at the entrance, and it is transported to the camera;

3. A plastic bottle is detected at the second photoelectric switch, and the industrial computer is notified to turn on the camera and turn on the recognition judgment. If the identification is successful, the MEC-T6562 controls the conveyor to continue the transmission through the control board;

4. After the third photoelectric switch, the MEC-T6562 communicates with the Panel PC and informs the smart waste classification APP to increase the count by one. If the recognition fails, the motor reverses, and the unidentified object returns to the entrance;

5. If it is not removed after the identification fails, you can wait for a new entry and repeat the above work;

6. The fanless industrial computer MEC-T6562 transmits the collected data to the cloud through a 4G industrial router, which is convenient for customers to view the relevant data remotely.

Product Specifications

1.Powered by Intel Core i5 6th / 7th generation high performance low power processor

2.8GB DDR3L high-speed memory

3.It has 6 serial ports, which can be connected to a variety of external devices, such as: card reader printer barcode scanning LPC control unit

4.Provide HDMI and VGA display output ports, support independent dual display

5.Provides WiFi (optional), dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, so that the motherboard has a flexible network application environment, enabling remote management and control

6.Open Windows / LINUX intelligent operating system, more stable and easier to maintain

7.Industrial-grade reliability, ruggedness, can withstand the harsh environment of the outside wind and sun, 24x7 uninterrupted work

Guangzhou Special Control has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 audits, and its products have obtained ROHS, CE, CCC and other electrical and communication related certifications, providing users with a reliable pass for a wide range of applications and reliable operation.