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What is the difference between an industrial computer and an ordinary computer?

time:2019-09-05 09:42:19

The main difference between industrial computer and ordinary computer: 

1, IPC needs strong impact resistance, industrial computer can work in various special situations and special occasions.

Therefore, in order to better adapt to the engineering workshop or various special environments, the material of the industrial computer is mainly composed of aluminum alloy and steel plate structure.

 2. An industrial computer should work in a harsh environment with high humidity. Therefore, the industrial computer should be designed to adapt to various temperature and humidity environments so that it can be in temperature and humidity. The larger environment is harder, but home computers can't do that.
 3. The industrial computer must have strong anti-interference ability. Since the industrial environment is always complex and variable, and is doped with many disturbing noises, it must have good shielding and anti-interference ability to ensure the stable operation of industrial computers.
 4. The industrial computer must have more types and quantities of industrial control protocol interfaces. Since the industrial computer must be able to connect to the following industrial equipment, it must have various interfaces to ensure stable operation of each equipment.
 5, the industrial computer must have strong stability, can solve the sudden situation of computer program stuck or power off, can protect the effective and complete industrial data, this is impossible for home computers.
In general, ordinary PCs are mainly used in the general personal or commercial field. In principle, the best use environment is in the home and office.
Industrial computer has been widely used in various aspects of industry and people's lives.
For example: control sites, road and bridge tolls, medical, environmental, communications, intelligent transportation, surveillance, voice, queue, POS, CNC machine tools, subway, finance, petrochemical, geophysical, on-site, etc.
Comparison of advantages:
Ordinary industrial computer is mainly civilian, and there are not many requirements in the physical environment. Industrial computer is usually used in places with harsh environments and high data security requirements. Therefore, industrial computers are usually designed with special features such as reinforcement, dust, moisture, corrosion and radiation protection.