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Special control industrial server assists sewage reform project

发布时间:2019-08-26 10:23:13

Industry status and needs

China began its sewage treatment business in the 1930s, and it was a long time later than foreign countries. Although the business started late, it has achieved rapid development in the 20 years since the reform and opening up. However, with the acceleration of urbanization, the number and scale of cities in China have also rapidly increased and expanded, and the associated urban sewage treatment infrastructure has been seriously inadequate.

According to relevant statistics: China's current annual sewage discharge is about 35 billion square meters, but the city's sewage treatment rate is only 15.8%, while Western developed countries such as the United States as early as 1980 have reached 70%. About 80% of the country's cities directly discharge untreated sewage into nearby water bodies, which increases water pollution. Especially in more than 2,000 county towns and more than 19,000 towns across the country, its sewage discharge accounts for more than half of the national total, but the sewage treatment capacity of these small and medium-sized cities is far lower than the national average, which is highlighted in sewage. The infrastructure being processed is seriously poor.

In China's current urban sewage treatment , more than 80% use activated sludge, and less than 20% use stable pond method, land treatment method and primary treatment. With the improvement of water quality requirements, urban sewage treatment plants have to develop many improved process technologies, such as a/o method, oxidation ditch method, sbr method and so on. These improved techniques are widely used in China.

In general, China's sewage treatment is still in the development stage, and there are many constraints, facing numerous obstacles, improving the modernization, efficiency and intelligence of sewage treatment projects.


The sewage treatment system runs in the computer of the central control room of the sewage treatment plant, and is mainly divided into a storage server, a data processing server, a redundant server, and a workstation for the operator (a workstation operated on site, a supervised workstation in the background), and the software cooperates with the computer. All process link data and control data are collected, and the computer uses the image stereoscopic image to express the water plant process flow and various data, and controls the water plant accordingly, and realizes the analysis and processing of various data. It plays a vital role in improving operational efficiency, reducing operating costs and improving management levels.

Through the construction of a computer system with high stability and reliability, centralized visual monitoring of the sewage treatment process and equipment of the sewage treatment plant, integration of the original monitoring system, establishment of a new complete sewage plant monitoring system, sewage treatment plant All data and status are displayed on the computer intuitively, and the manager can know the current process status of the current water plant and the operation status of the equipment through the software;

Centralized control of software for various equipments in the sewage treatment plant, saving manpower and material resources for on-site operation and improving staff safety. While the device is being controlled, it can see all other data states related to the state of the device, ensuring the security and effectiveness of the control;

A complete historical database and alarm event database is established on the server to solve the problem that the current new sewage treatment plant has low automation level, the equipment operation safety problem is prominent, the production operation management and technical analysis are limited by technical conditions, and the production operation is effectively reduced. The cost of electricity consumption, drug consumption, etc., provide a basis for accident analysis and recollection, to ensure that the sewage treatment plant operates safer, more reliable and economical.

According to the functional requirements of the project, the monitoring system topology is as follows:

Product parameters and applications

Special control data storage server EIS-H4224S: It belongs to 4U rack-mounted hot-swap server, supports dual E5-2600 series processors, supports remote management, redundant power supply, supports up to 24 hard disk bits, RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, maximum support for 512G memory, for large-capacity data storage and data forwarding of projects. The server can support 7*24 continuous running time, can respond to requests from many clients in time, and provide corresponding services to provide strong backing for data security and data backup of the system.

Special control data processing server EIS-H2105R: It belongs to 2U rack-mounted hot-swap server, supports dual E5-2600 series processors, supports remote management, redundant power supply, supports up to 6 hard disk bits, RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, the maximum support for 512G memory, for project data processing, to provide hardware support for the entire system, the server can support 7 * 24 continuous running time, can respond to many client requests in a timely manner, and provide corresponding services to ensure the normal operation of the system.