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Application of Special Control Industrial Server in Smart Government Big Data

发布时间:2019-08-26 09:11:50

Government big data means that the government-related data is integrated into the government business field through big data technology, empowering government agencies, and improving the effectiveness of government implementation. These data include the government's work to generate, collect, and collect external big data for management service needs, and are government-owned and government-oriented big data. At present, big data has officially become a national strategy of all countries. Building government big data has become an important task for governments of all countries.

business background

The government big data platform is not only a key project of the national big data strategy, but also an important part of the smart city public information platform and application system construction. On the basis of information system integration and sharing, government affairs big data builds and improves the government information resource sharing and sharing mechanism, and supports the inter-level, cross-regional, inter-departmental, cross-system and cross-business collaborative management of information resources between departments at different levels. And services, through big data to achieve "speak with data, use data to decide, use data management, use data innovation."

Product applications

The special-control industrial server EIS-H2205R is based on the X86 PC server; the storage is based on the local hard disk that comes with the server; the operating system is mainly Linux, which has extremely high horizontal expansion capability and inherent fault tolerance and data high availability guarantee mechanism; It can greatly reduce the processing cost per terabyte of data, providing technical and cost-effective support for "big data" processing.

Product features

Features ◆ Dual CPU performance is strong, supporting 2 E5-2600 series processors.

◆ Strong memory scalability, maximum 24 slots and 1TB of memory.

◆ Strong storage capacity, support 8 hot swap bays.

◆ Intelligent management, you can mention the IPMI management server running status, monitor each CPU, each memory, each graphics card, the operating status of each fan and other functions.

◆ Support multi-scene solution customization, powerful and fle