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Application of TK's face recognition PC in security field

发布时间:2019-08-23 10:49:19

business background

Biometric recognition technology, including face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, palmprint recognition, finger vein recognition, voice recognition, etc., is an important part of intelligent security and plays a very important role in the security industry. Compared with other biometrics such as fingerprints, irises and veins, face recognition has its unique advantages. For example, face data is easier to obtain, more direct and convenient; it is not invasive to the reader, and the user does not have any psychological obstacles. . At present, with the continuous development and maturity of face recognition technology and the decreasing cost of image acquisition equipment, the use of face recognition technology has been greatly expanded, and the market share of face recognition has gradually increased. It is particularly noteworthy that face recognition can now perform concealed operations on the identified objects at medium and long distances, which has important application value in the field of intelligent security and safe city.

Product Applications

Smart visitors against those units who have strict entry and exit registration,such as government agencies, military units, prisons, enterprises, media, schools, communities, office buildings, etc., and automatically register and enter-out visits for CCR identification, second-generation ID card reading, visitor information printing, and reservations. Processing, check-in and check-out management, black and white list management, visitor data retrieval, visitor data statistics and other functions.

The special control 15.6-inch face recognition all in one pc PPC-YHW1562CT cooperates with biometric technology to identify the facial feature information of the person, and automatically detects and tracks the face in the image, and then performs a face on the detected face. Series related technologies, including face image acquisition, face localization, face feature point extraction, face clustering, face comparison, etc., achieve the purpose of identifying different people.

Product Features

◆Advanced: Advanced deep network neural learning algorithm with high recognition accuracy and fast verification speed;

◆Flexibility: Live face detection, to ensure that the identification person is holding the identity card person;

◆Security: Based on face biometrics, it cannot be replaced and copied to prevent counterfeiting operations;

◆Intuitive: non-contact recognition, with voice broadcast, user-friendly touch screen, simple and stylish interface;

◆Adaptability: It can be quickly and easily recognized indoors and outdoors for 24 hours, which can overcome the influence of wearing glasses, jewelry, posture and expression changes, and has strong environmental adaptability;

◆ Diversity: Supports ID card + face, ID card + fingerprint, ID card + fingerprint + face and other authentication modes, widely used;

◆Extensibility: Provide WIFI, USB, Bluetooth and other communication methods, support offline or networking applications, flexible use.