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Application of special control industrial tablet in intelligent workshop

发布时间:2019-08-15 10:02:17

Application introduction

The manufacturing industry is at a critical stage of informatization and intelligent integration, and information technology is gradually infiltrating into every aspect of the manufacturing site. How to quickly and accurately obtain and deliver messages in the manufacturing process has become an urgent problem to be solved.
In response to the above problems, most enterprises have taken some measures in manufacturing site control, but still face some informationization improvement needs:
◆ Reduce the use of paper drawings/process sheets/inspection sheets during product processing, realize electronic, and view them anytime, anywhere.
◆ Reduce the cost of people constantly moving between processing equipment and computers during the processing of large parts
◆Assembled internal work, no need to bring a lot of paper materials into the work environment, information access is more convenient
◆ Parts/machine test and test process can obtain the original information of the product at any time.
Based on the above application scenarios and related problems in manufacturing field applications, Guangzhou Special Control Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed an industrial tablet solution that meets the above requirements.

Overall solution

Industrial tablet PC monitors and masters the production information and production status in the production process in real time, and opens up the product data management platform to realize product design, manufacturing data sharing and equipment management. The data collected by the manufacturing field device is obtained through the special interface of the workshop equipment, or the customized equipment state information collecting device is installed on the device to obtain the device information, and is transmitted to the industrial tablet computer of the installation manufacturing system through the wired or wireless network. View uploaded data information and alarm status, import and download of drawing information and related materials in real time on industrial tablets. You can also use the offline app, the real-time information is filled out offline, and the online synchronization is automatically synchronized.

Product Features

Product functional design
◆Designed according to IP65 protection requirements, embedded fanless, waterproof and dustproof.
◆A+ gauge industrial grade screen, ten point capacitive touch, super human-computer interaction experience.
◆ 15.6-inch, 15-inch screen is optional, the screen is anti-fingerprint and anti-oil.
◆ Can be embedded in the installation, and the bracket is installed.
◆ Configure the Intel J1900/i5 CPU.
◆Optional SSD hard disk, large memory capacity
◆Product safety and confidential design
◆Wireless access function