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Application of Special Control IPC in Vision Detection of Automatic LCM Semiconductor Particles

发布时间:2019-08-15 08:33:59

As we all know in some dangerous work environments that are not suitable for manual work or where artificial vision is difficult to meet the requirements, machine vision is often used instead of artificial vision. At the same time, in high-volume industrial production process, manual visual inspection is used to check product quality. And the precision is not high, the machine vision detection method can greatly improve the production efficiency and the automation degree of production.

Machine vision mainly uses computer to simulate human visual function, that is, extracts, processes and understands the image information of objective things, and finally uses it for actual detection, measurement and control.

The special control 4U industrial computer meets the requirements of machine vision for intelligent hardware in terms of computing performance, scalability and stability. The main core of the image vision system is combined with the high-performance industrial computer (special control YH-610)and run perfectly. The data acquisition scan forms a high-resolution image and then compares the data through the corresponding algorithm to detect qualified products and eliminate bad products.

Industry overview and needs

LCM (LCDModule) is an LCD display module and a liquid crystal display module. It include by a liquid crystal display device, a connector, a peripheral circuit for controlling and driving, a PCB circuit board, a backlight, and a structural member. Widely used in communication equipment (mobile phones, telephones), household appliances (air conditioners), consumer electronics (MP3, electronic game consoles), educational electronics (electronic dictionary, PDA), instrumentation (electric meters, multimeters), tax control equipment (fuel dispensers , cash registers, and so on.

Each piece of LCM will have corresponding FOG and COG conductive particles. In the production and processing, it will inevitably have deviations and improper operation, resulting in insufficient quantity of FOG and COG on the LCM or inaccurate position and thus unqualified products. This requires QC to detect and reject unqualified products. If we use workers to perform this process, it will undoubtedly increase the labor and management costs for the enterprise. At the same time, 100% inspection pass rate is still not guaranteed. The fully automatic LCM semiconductor particle detector is mainly used to detect and determine whether the number, size and offset of FOG and COG conductive particles on the LCM are qualified.


The special control 4U industrial computer YH-610 acts as the host computer, communicates with the industrial camera through the Gigabit Ethernet port, serial port and trigger/PLC communication, and expands the I/O acquisition card or professional camera module/motion control card and GPU module through multiple PCIE/PCI. There is a high-definition interface to support 4K output,  good human-machine interface. Efficient Intel 8 generation CPU provides a powerful computing platform for machine vision, providing efficient and stable customer service.

Product technical characteristics


High-strength all-steel type cabinet structure: 4U height 19-inch standard rack-mounting, ATX industrial motherboard structure, stable and excellent heat dissipation

Provide more computing power: support Intel Coffee Lake 8 generation Core i3/i5/i7 processor, up to 64GB DDR4 memory

Integrate the latest Intel graphics chip: Provide 1*VGA, 1*HDMI, 1*DVI, 1*eDP, support three-screen different display, meet the needs of high-resolution display above 4K

Highly integrated: 6*COM, 13*USB, 2*Intel Gigabit LAN available

Safer: the front panel has a safety lock function, and the air inlet is dust-proof and moisture-proof.

Meet high expansion requirements: 1*PCI-E 16X, 1*PCI-E 8X, 2*PCI-E 4X, 3*PCI expansion slots