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Application of special control 19 inch industrial tablet computer in self-service lending and returning equipment

发布时间:2019-08-15 07:25:54

In the daily life , we all have the experience of borrow some books in the library. So do you know what the computer is that can check the number of books, location and returning books? What is the difference between the computer from we usually use? What are its advantages?

With the quick development of computer systems, while the informatization wave has brought shocks to society, the traditional management and service methods of libraries can no longer adapt to the readers' demand. So realizing the automation of library management is the only way for the future development of the library. In recent years, the development of modern science and technology has provided the necessary technical conditions for the intelligent road of libraries and community reading rooms. Various advanced technologies have entered all aspects of libraries and community borrowing rooms, which saves a lot of manpower, Material resources have improved work efficiency and provided guarantees for modern libraries and community borrowing rooms. The most external manifestation of library intelligence is its self-service re-booking system.


The 19-inch industrial panel pc designed by the "special control", Intel J1900 2.0GHZ low-power processor, 4GB/DDR3 memory, 128G SSD hard disk, dual-screen display, capacitive touch screen. Achieve fast interaction, WIFI interface on the computer, quick data transmission. The 19-inch industrial tablet computer has rich I/O interface and seamless with peripherals, such as read-write boards, ID card readers, scanners and other peripheral interfaces. Through the scan of RFID code and ISBN code of the book to complete the borrow and return operation quickly and accurately. At the same time, the self-service borrowing and returning machine automatically prints the borrowing and returning document voucher, and it can display the reader's name, the reader's number, the borrowing time, the date of returning the book, the name, type and quantity of the book according to the demand.

▲ Intel J1900 2.0GHZ low power processor.
▲ True color LCD display with resolution of 1440*900 and backlight life of up to 50000 hours.
▲10 point capacitive touch
▲Aluminum alloy material, anodized, the front panel reaches IP65 protection level.
▲ panel embedded installation and VESA wall mount compatible
▲ support built-in wireless network input