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Where is the industrial monitor application?

time:2019-08-13 04:07:13

Industrial monitors are becoming more popular on the market and there are many types. Some users are unaware of the similarities and differences between industrial displays and ordinary computer displays. Everyone knows the purpose of ordinary computer monitors, but for industrial monitors,There are some gaps. the following let me introduce the difference between industrial monitors and ordinary LCD screens.

Industrial computer manufacturer

What is an industrial monitor? In short, industrial monitors are displays use for industrial control processes or equipment.

The main difference between industrial industrial monitors and residential or commercial displays is the housing design. Industrial monitor are usually made of all steel. The panel is divided into ordinary iron plate, stainless steel, stainless steel aluminum plate and so on. Industrial monitors are specifically designed for dustproof and shockproof, industrial grade LCD screens, suit for the use of wide temperature (-40 to 85 degrees) in bad environment

Currently, only a few large foreign manufacturers produce such displays, which are relatively expensive. The degree of protection for industrial servers is indicated by IP68, the former is dust-proof and the last one is waterproof. The dustproof level is up to 6, and the waterproof performance is up to 8.

Industrial display cabinet materials are made of metal. The internal plate line adopts industrial design and not easy to aging; energy saving and environmental protection,use of environmentally friendly materials,low energy consumption design, easy for splicing.The difference between industrial monitor and ordinary LCD screens are very similar , but there are large differences in materials. Industrial displays having various sizes and mounting methods. Unlike ordinary LCD monitors, it can suit for bad environments, operate stably, and has a long life time.

Ordinary LCD screens for home or personal use pay more attention to power consumption, promote environmental protection and energy saving.
In this regard, industrial monitors do not deliberately require lower power consumption, only stability; additional cooling systems, high-brightness backlights, etc., will increase power consumption a lot. Industrial monitors are primarily used in harsh environments such as outdoors, and consumer displays are used primarily indoors. Industrial monitors typically require 100,000 hours of backlighting time, while consumer displays have a backlight time of only 30,000-50,000 hours.