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Media Perspective | Guangzhou Special Control: Create customized and intelligent industrial hardware products

time:2019-08-10 09:05:36

(This article is reproduced from an interview of China Industrial Control Network to Guangzhou Special Control

   As we all know, the competition of the currentindustrial computer market is very fierce, and the market entry threshold isrelatively low, which can be called a red sea. In the fierce competition, the"demand" control, deep customization of products, one-stop overallsolution, has become the focus of many manufacturers. Guangzhou Special ControlElectronic Industry Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Guangzhou Special Control”) haslaunched a batch of excellent products in this context, which is very popularand the company has gradually grow up.


Among them, what role does GuangzhouSpecial Control play? What products are mainly produced? What are their mainlyfocus areas? What is the market positioning? ... With these small questions,China Industrial Control Network interviewed Du Youlin, the sales director ofGuangzhou Special Controls at the 2019 South China International IndustrialAutomation Exhibition (IAMD SHENZHEN).


Du Youlin said that Guangzhou SpecialControl is a one-stop solution factory for industry computer. It integratesR&D, design, production and sales all in one. their team has over 10 years experience.The company headquarter is in Guangzhou,currently has Branch in Shenzhen andDongguan. And in 2015 established its own manufacturing factory.



“Guangzhou Special Control” have many productlines, including tablet pc, industrial pc, face recognition, servers, etc., involveda wide range of industrial area, including factory automation, channel control,machine vision, multimedia, face recognition and so on.


At this exhibition, “Guangzhou SpecialControl” mainly highlight their most competitive industrial-grade innovativeproducts and intelligent hardware solutions.


Controlled by "needs", providingcustomized and standardized products


In the process of intelligent manufacturingin China, the demand for personalized customize production is increasing, tomeeting the individual needs of customers, this is already one of the importanttrends. With the upgrading of industrial manufacturing technology and update ofproducts, in the future, on-demand production, extensive collection of userneeds, large-scale flexible personalized service will become the normal.


Du Youlin said that Guangzhou SpecialControl will continue to provide computer hardware solutions,release two majorproducts to help the industry customers. one is to provide customized productsfor the customer group, for a certain industry, according to the customer'sproduction needs, control by "needs"; another one is to providestandardized normalized products, including industrial-grade tablet computersand fanless industrial computers, For smart logistics, smart warehousing, smartfactories and other application area.


In the customization, “special control” ismore than enough. Du Youlin told the China Industrial Control Network reporterthat Guangzhou Special Control specializes customize handheld panels for thecommunications industry, industrial-grade servers for industrial big data,integrated dispatching consoles for public utilities, and face recognition andfingerprint entry reinforced portable notebook for public security departments.Allof these reflect the fact that Guangzhou Special Control attaches greatimportance to customized production. In aspect of customer needs of specialapplications, Guangzhou Special Control provides OEM / ODM services, interfacescustomize, operating systems and appearance customize; in software,BIOS, bootLOGO boot screen and crop operating system customize available.


In the provide of standardized normalizedproducts, the fanless industrial computer launched by Guangzhou Special Controlis very familiar in the application of the automatic ticket checking system.Guangzhou Special Control realized that the gate system needs the reliability,stability and fluency of industrial computer, and it has formed a fasttransmission, can connect multiple devices, can support the comprehensivestatistics of data, stable and reliable. The unique advantages of this series.


In addition, Guangzhou special control’s industrialfanless tablet pc, the whole machine use flat integrated aluminum alloy panel,fanless design, on the basis of high performance and low power consumption,meetwaterproof and dustproof, anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-vibrationDemand, no prssure for a long time stable operation in harsh environment. Atthe same time, it is not difficult to find that industrial-grade tablet PC withhigh integration and stable performance and touch-type portable operation hasbecome the standardized normalized products.


Uphold quality first, and strive to be theleader of industrial computer manufacturer


Du Youlin revealed that Guangzhou SpecialControl will be based in the South China market and strive to become the leaderof industrial computer manufacturer in South China within 2-3 years. For thisgoal, Guangzhou Special Control has done a lot of work. Especially in thedevelopment of the mature industrial computer market, Guangzhou Special Controlstrives to win in this Red Sea by using its own brand advantage.


Du Youlin said, "We insist on qualityfirst, At present, we are improving our quality." We strictly control thequality of our products, including the inspection of production, producttesting, etc., and strive to win a good reputation with excellent productquality. Secondly, the price is also an aspect that Guangzhou Special Control cares.In addition to personalized development, in the face of the needs of similarmarkets, Guangzhou Special Control provides standard products with certainadvantages in terms of cost. “In the whole process, the cost is within areasonable and controllable range,” Du Youlin said.


In terms of building a company brand,Guangzhou Special Control also spared no effort. In online and offline brandmarketing, they increased their promotion efforts, held a series of offlineexchanges and participated in industry exhibitions. At the same time, GuangzhouSpecial Control cooperate with some domestic and foreign well-known enterprises,such as Midea, Gree, Siemens, etc., to provide them with professionalintelligent hardware customization services.

From the perspective of the whole industry,“Many Taiwan industrial control companies have entered the mainland market inrecent years. At the same time of fierce competition, this is also a gooddevelopment opportunity.” Guangzhou Special Control has already taken the firststep in this prosperity. . However, Du Youlin said that in the application ofthe industry, there are still many urgent problems to be solved, such asindustry openness and national policy support. “Companies like us need moresupport to jointly promote the prosperity of the industrial computer market andmanufacturing.”


Helping the intelligent development of theindustry, special control "intelligence" to control the future


With the advancement of intelligent manufacturing,the intelligent requirements for application scenarios and industrial controlproducts are also increasing. It can be said that "intelligence" hasbecome the mainstream of the industrial control industry and even the entiremanufacturing industry. Various intelligent scenes and smart products that wantto get upgrades also need strong support from industrial hardware.


From this perspective, upgrading hardwareproducts such as IPC to intelligent systems, through soft and hard integration Providea complete solution will inevitably drive industries needs of smarttransportation, smart medical, smart city, data platform and securitymonitoring and so on.


When talking about the future developmentplan of Guangzhou Special Control, Du Youlin said, "We have beenpondering, how can we help intelligent and intelligent development as anindustrial control manufacturer? We will invest in R&D, Human resources in betterindustry development prospects market. comprehensive consideration and balanceddevelopment." Guangzhou Special Control will continue to do well its ownproducts, improve product performance, optimize products, upgrade industrialcontrol hardware equipment to industrial smart equipment, expand the marketfrom vertical and horizontal, and help industrial intelligence Develop andcontrol the future.


DuYoulin pointed out that "the application scope of our products is notlimited to industry, and will be extended in the fields of rail transit,machine vision, AI security, etc. In the future, Guangzhou Special Control willcontinue to bring more mature and better solutions."