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Create a professional intelligent medical industrial tablet

time:2019-08-10 03:56:33

    In the field of smart healthcare, tablet pc as asmart terminal servers, play an important role in the entire smart healthcaresystem. How can a smart tablet pc with excellent industrial-grade performancestabilize its power, become a smart terminal device depend on its excellentperformance?and what role it played in the entire intelligentmedical system? This period industrial tablet pc will explain it in detail foryou.

    The ultimate goal of intelligent medical systemconstruction is to create a benign ecosystem with efficient communicationbetween doctors and patients, full use of hospital service functions, andimprove hospital operational efficiency. As more and more functions are givento intelligent terminals, so in intelligent medical systems,itbecomes an important access point.

    For doctors, the use of smart medical tabletscan save their time, and provide medical image information correctly andquickly, and through quickly scanning barcoderecognition technology realize electronicmedical records mobilization and also optimized information access.


   Other medical staffcan view the patient's illness history and treatment situation through the RFIDreading function of the tablet. and use the tablet to record the drugdistribution and use information, Help doctors to finish scan, review andrecord in a machine in time, Eliminate unnecessary operations and improve theefficiency and experience of rounds


    For patients, youcan view real-time medical records, purchase payment, consumption records,order meals, and also health knowledge through the tablet, it providesconvenience for patients and their families, and also made the hospital medicalmore transparency to reduces disputes between doctors and patients. .


   On the basis ofconnection and service, the intelligent medical tablet integrates patientservices, medical support, hospital service, medical headlines, and healtheducation all together, this is an important part of the construction of a newtype humanized intelligent hospital.

   Our company had developseveral touch screen industrial tablet PC Professional creation for the smartmedical industry with excellent industrial-grade performance.


1. Integratednetwork card and sound card, with rich interface, support VGA, DVI-D and otherdisplay interfaces, support independent dual display,

2. The producthas strong compatibility, meets the requirements of intelligent medical systemfor multi-directional information input and output, can access multipleexternal modules, to build intelligent medical system together.


3.Adopthigh-resolution touch LCD screen, and strive to improve user friendliness in brightness,touch ,user experience and other aspects


4.Customized accordingto customer's needs, including adding hardware equipment, adding interfaces,customizing various appearance structures, etc., increasing product flexibilityand compatibility.